Danish Soccer Fans Are Now Hurling Dead Rats At Opposing Players On The Pitch

Denmark - There was Derby at Brøndby Stadium, where FC Copenhagen played against Brondby. After FC Copenhagen had scored threw a group Bronby fans rats after FC Copenhagen players. Last year a severed bull’s head was thrown onto the pitch in a German Cup game between Dynamo Dresden and RB Leipzig. And 2002 Real Madrid’s Luis Figo had a pigs head thrown at him by Barcelona fans after they branded him a traitor for switching clubs.

Ew. And people say that hurling snowballs or firing a flare gun across the Vet’s night sky is a rough look for a fanbase. This is a move straight out of the Dark Ages during the Black Plague. People would launch disease ridden rats (and dead bodies) into uninfected towns to spread the Bubonic Plague. In that sense, I don’t exactly hate the message. It may be a little cruel, but at least it represents the level of hatred European soccer fans have towards their enemies. But as God/Ginger Jesus as my witness, if a few bad battery throwing apples are going to ruin the stigma for millions of Philadelphia sports fans, then the entire Danish population needs to go down as dead rat chuckers/fuckers. We’ve been called a lot worse over a lot less.

Dead varmints and severed bull/pig heads are still not the most unsanitary, vile objects to ever be laid out on the Futbol field. Let us be reminded that used tampons have dropped out of the fannies in the past. The way the bloke says “Pick your tampon, off the pitch” with such disdain in his voice says it all. I’d take 1,000 dead rats to the face over a single drop of period blood.

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