Can’t A NE Philly Man Escape From The Hospital With An IV Still Attached And Get A Double Shot Of Jack In Peace?


Reader Email: This shit is pretty funny

Some guy walked into The Taggart house in Northeast Philly and DEMANDED a double shot of Jack Daniels. Sadly I had to turn him down. Guy reeked of piss and and still had an IV in his arm. I was kinda conflicted, as you can tell, as whether to serve him are not.


Well there’s something you don’t see everyday. Or maybe you do in the Northeast? You can clearly judge an area where I do a quick search of blogs in the past year find such gems as: Naked Man Standing In Front Doorway Kills Wife Of 9 Days With A Crossbow, NE Philly Wench Decided The Middle Of The Street Was A Good Spot To Take A Shit, and everyone’s personal favorite,
NE Philly Residents Up In Arms Over Fat Guy Driving Pantsless Asking Ladies To Violate Him With Swiss Cheese. So do you, Northeast. Do you. And let this patient on the lamb enjoy his double of Jack while pissing his pants in peace. Wait, if he gets what he DEMANDS – Hold the trousers. Dave Attell said it best – “When you drink Jack you don’t know where you’re going, but you know when you get there you won’t be wearing any pants.” Actually, it’s safe to say the biggest shocker is he’s wearing pants already.

As long as this guy and his pissy pants doesn’t jeopardize the health code of Steve’s in the NE, then let the man roam free. He’s still probably one of the most elegant gentleman in those parts at any given time.

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