Busted Center City Rub & Tug Featured Some Real Winners





PHILLY – Four women were arrested yesterday in a Center City prostitution sting conducted by undercover vice officers, police said. Aesun Baek, 45, In Sun Hopkins, 62, Jung Okan, 46, and Yunjung Heo, 26, were nabbed in the 1819 Spa, on Ranstead Street near 18th, after police say a plainclothes officer was solicited there. Hopkins, Okan and Heo are all charged with prostitution, police said, and Baek is charged with prostitution, solicitation, conspiracy and massage without a license.

Hey, Yunjung, over here honey. Can’t believe she’s 20 years younger than the rest of the flock. How many drugs and dicks have been inserted in her to well older than the 62-year-old? It’s not the years, it’s the mileage. And Yunjung’s got more miles racked up on her than Al Bundy’s Dodge.

Also: 1,3,2, a herd of cattle infected with HIV………4

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