Barstool Gametime Welcomes The Exquisite Erin Olash And Is LIVE NOW On Twitch

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The action above is the last time when Erin Olash stopped by to play video games with Barstool and I entered the Mario Kart Torture Chamber (My testicles have yet to regain their proper shape, texture, and pride after Asa’s Japanese death grip).

Tonight Miss Olash makes her triumphant return into my realm. Let’s. Dance. In the meantime, follow Erin on Instagram/Twitter @ErinOlash and subscribe to her YouTube channel HERE. Time to “Dual”. I think. And you’re damn right I’m taking this Tweet as a legally binding contract. If you want to dance to the music you gotta pay the band, baby.

PS – Sup, bitches. And my condolences, Riggs. She was kind of mean during that walk to work. And by “kind of” I mean “extremely”, and by “mean” I mean “RUTHLESS”.

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