Barstool Gametime: Smitty Vs Tex In NCAA Football ’07 – Winner Tases The Loser – 3pm ONLY On @BarstoolSports Twitch

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Who: Smitty vs. Tex

NCAA Football 2007 on PS2

Where: On The Virtual Gridiron

When: TODAY – 3pm LIVE on Twitch – @BarstoolSports

Why: I have no idea For America

Go on my Snapchat – Smitty1581 – to see the voltage in action. I am legitimately shook going into this. Can’t lose this one like you’ve lost life, Adam.

Well, there you have it. The winner gets the glory of winning a now-defunct video game franchise. The loser gets 1.21 Gigawatts straight to his nervous system. May the worst man lose, and preferably not go into cardiac arrest.

Tex has had a tough go with life in general as evidence of the beatdowns he’s received via Rough & Rowdy/Bill’s Mafia/life. From a one on one standpoint, Tex has not fared well, either. Whether it’s been arm wrestling, bull riding, or blatantly taking him behind the woodshed, Tex hasn’t come close to beating me in anything in this life. My only concern, besides the obviously dying part, is Tex seems like the kind of person that has danced with a cattle prod before, so losing may actually be an enjoyable, borderline arousing experience for him. I guess we shall see.

However, YOU CAN ONLY WATCH THIS LIVE IF YOU FOLLOW THE @BARSTOOLSPORTS TWITCH’S ACCOUNT. This isn’t PPV or a paid thing, it’s free to register and follow. No spam mail, no effort. Just straight available content – SO FOLLOW HERE. The kid is due for a W. I’ll tell ya what, I wasn’t a big NCAA Football guy. I’d say right now the line is Tex -4.5. But then…it’s Tex. I’ll keep on trying to turn him into a man, no matter how hard he gets hurt every single time.

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