Barstool Basketball Stereotypes

Solid and accurate video. I’m a firm believer you can tell everything you need to know about someone through just one game of pickup basketball. If they’re a dick and a douche during the game, they’re most likely a dick and a douche in life. Here’s what we’ve got for the Barstool Basketball Stereotypes:

Mr. Excuse: Prez. “Did we lose? If you say so. I was basically Bird out there.”

BONUS: The Chucker: Prez. “We all know the rules, one bite shot…”

Mr. Football Player: Big Cat. Really the perfect comparison.

My Bad Guy: Feits. Figured he’s used to apologizing at headquarters enough already.

The Looks Can Be Deceiving Guy: Tall Guy. When you’re 6’10 and don’t play D-1 ball you’re probably the single most uncoordinated and whitest person on Earth.

The Player Coach: Mo. That is when he can speak in between smokes and his heart failing on him.

The Accessories Guy: JMac. And by accessories I mean probably plays with a cig in his mouth the entire time.

The Rage Monster: 610. Roids ahoy.

The Old Guy: Jerry. Just wants to fit in and will fill you with grand stories about the time his dad touched Red Auerbach’s leg.

Imaginary Dunker: Kmarko. Has enough of the competitive edge to think he might have a chance every time he steps on the floor.

The Lose/Lose Situation: KFC. Loss when he attempts to play, loss when he has a heart attack on the court.

The Pants Guy: Real Ad. Imagine him not giving a fuck what people think.

Tall Guy That Only Shoots 3’s: Smitty. Play for a couple years without health insurance and see how well you develop your outside shot.

The Foul Guy: GuntSoxDave. The queen of excuses.

Mr. Freeze: KFC (again). Can’t really move well when you’re in a diabetic shock.

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