Yankees Streak Ends At 8 With Loss To White Sox


Last night the Yankees dropped their first game in over a week in a 4-1 loss to the White Sox. Obviously, no loss is a good loss, but this game was as close to a “good loss” as things come. 
Luis Severino came into the season as a huge question mark for the Yankees and despite and 11 strikeout effort against the Rays last week in a win, we still needed to see him show consistent stuff in a 3rd straight game. Last night Severino delivered. Last night we got 8 innings with 10 strikeouts and no walks. Luis looked dominant at times, only giving up 4 runs (3 earned) and making very few mistakes, in a game where he was just out-dueled. During the win streak out offense was scoring 6+ run per game but last night we just didn’t show up until it was too late.

Our offense had been on fire as of late but last night highlight everything that can go wrong with our current offense. Last week we went 3-0 while only going 1-30 with RISP and last night went 0-3 with those opportunities only coming in the 9th inning. 

After a 3-hit game against the Cardinals that we all hoped would turn around things for Greg Bird, he added another 0-3 game yesterday. I’m not a hitting coach so I don’t know how to fix things, but it’s clear that this isn’t just a slow start. We’re more than 2 weeks into the season and Bird looks totally lost at the plate, coming up short in times we could really use a hit.

On the injury front, Gary Sanchez is expected to start throwing this week and Didi starting a rehab assignment, so help is on the way. Sanchez had a rough few games to start the season but the hope is that after missing a few weeks he regains his form from last year and this Spring. Austin Romine has done a serviceable job as our starter, and called some great games, but it’s time to get the big man back in the middle of the lineup. At the same time, the big question around Didi this Spring was if he could take the next step to becoming and All-Star. Gregorious had a fantastic World Baseball Classic and seem poised to have a productive 2017. With Didi coming back, we get to see Torreyes move back to his super utility role that not only gives us a decent option when giving one of our infielders a day of, but gets Kozma the fuck off this team. Kozma is only on the roster for his defense, but last night he booted a ball that would have erased the runners that became the White Sox 2nd and 3rd runs, and created the opportunity for Chicago to take a 4-run lead.

The Yankees came back to score a run and load the bases in the ninth but fell short at Aaron Judge grounded out to end the game. A walk off grand slam would have been exciting, but I wonder if it would have been too much too soon from this team. I’m a believer that every game matters, so I would’ve preferred to win, but in terms of measuring the expectations of the fans I worry it would’ve set the bar too high for these young players. I guess we just start a new streak tonight. 

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