West Coast Nightmare: The Yankees Took Years Off My Life Last Night

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Incompetence is not a word I like to use when describing any part of the 2017 Yankees. So I’m not going to, but instead use it on one specific player. Tyler Clippard. I truly don’t understand your purpose on this team. Are you a spy sent from the Red Sox to ruin this great season of ours? Who do you have working for you at Elias Sports Bureau so that they fabricate your ERA and make it appear like your a good relief pitcher? Who are you Tyler Clippard? I need answers right now!

The lovely Katie Sharp from River Ave Blues broke down how fraudulent a pitcher Tyler Clippard is so without further to do, let’s expose him. Note that these numbers are following Tuesday’s catastrophe

  • Tyler Clippard was the game’s biggest goat – according to Twitter, at least – as he surrendered that game-tying homer and was tagged for his fourth blown save of the season in his 29th appearance. Through Tuesday, the only pitchers in the majors with more blown saves were Tony Watson and Francisco Rodriguez (both with 5).
  • A meltdown is when a team’s win probability decreases by at least 6% when the pitcher comes in. Clippard has EIGHT Meltdowns this season, tied for the most among American League pitchers and fourth-most in MLB.
  • He’s allowed a .304/.375/.682 line in high-leverage plate appearances – that equals a .436 wOBA, which ranked seventh-highest among pitchers that have faced at least 25 batters in those situations. For reference, Aaron Judge had a .476 wOBA through Tuesday.

So with this in mind, Joe “Binder Joe” Girardi, decided it was a bright idea to bring in Clippard in a tie ball game to start the 8th inning. This is all with Dellin Betances sitting in the pen, twiddling his thumbs having not pitched in four days. Nope, let’s bring in this incompetent imbecile because there’s just no way this goes south right? Almost immediately Yonder Alonso rips a base hit up the middle. TAKE HIM OUT JOE. Nope, everything’s fine guys! Miraculously Clippard got Ryon Healy to strikeout somehow. Matt Chapman was up next, yesterday being his major league debut, and of course he worked a walk. My mind was racing. If Joe didn’t pull him here I was going to have an aneurism, so thankfully he obliged and brought in Dellin. Gee thanks Joe! The craziest part of this whole thing was when Clippard saw Girardi come out of the dugout he was stunned, mouthing the words “Are you kidding me?” ARE YOU KIDDING ME? You’re the worst relief pitcher in the American League, it’s insane enough that you were in the game in the first place. If I were Cashman he’d be DFA’d on Sunday when Chapman comes back.

Okay back to the game. Well, if you ever ask closers, they’ll tell you they HATE coming into situations with men on base or simply mid-inning appearances. So Dellin walked Stephen Vogt, his first batter, to load the bases. He then induced a slow ground ball to second which was too slow to turn the double play. The A’s had the lead once again, and it was all Clippard’s fault. Meltdown #9 on the year. This dude also has easily one of the more hate-able faces in the history of faces

Screen Shot 2017-06-16 at 10.17.24 AM

Get this guy out of my face FOREVER.

Also thoughts and prayers to anyone, including me and Charlie Wisco, who stayed up for the entirety of that excuse of a game last night. The Yanks continued to battle back all night long, and finally led for the first time in the 10th inning on Castro’s sac fly. With the pen pretty barren after Wednesday’s game and Green, Clippard, Betances having already been used, Girardi sort of had no choice but to send Giovanny Gallegos out to close out the game. Two batters into the inning things were looking great with Vogt grounding out and Joyce striking out. They were about to have a great come from behind win despite all the horrible things that happened all night long. Nope. Rajai Davis singled to right, followed by a Pinder double to right. After a Lowrie intentional walk my heart started to sink because we all knew this was going to end horribly. And it did, literally just punching us all in the face.

Dude just hit a single up the middle please. Not this bloop bullshit to make me pull my hair out. It was somewhere around 2:40 in the morning and I was miserable. I couldn’t sleep. For a half hour I just stared at my ceiling, in the dark, wondering why Tyler Clippard is the way he is. Tyler Clippard is Toby Flenderson.


That game took no less than five years off my life and God bless anyone that bet the Yankees last night. That’s a game that puts you in a dark, dark place and causes a weekend bender of baseball betting for the ages.

I’m not going to address the Gary (groin) and Hicks (Achilles) injuries because we simply don’t have a ton of info on it. Adam Warren had a shoulder issue last night and was unavailable, but I saw a few reports that he’s going to be okay. Let’s all pray Hicks and Gary avoid the DL because they’ve been so vital to the run the Yankees were on prior to this west coast nightmare.

Severino tonight to get us back on track. I’ve never felt more confident in a pitcher to right the ship, but this west coast trip has been terrifying to say the least.

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