Wake Up With Some Of Jim Boeheim’s Angriest Press Conference Rants

I don’t know if Jim Boeheim gave a speech like Leo in Wolf of Wall Street or just wants Grudge Jim to settle all his outstanding grudges before he retires. But based on yesterday’s news, the Orange Curmudgeon ain’t going NOWHERE for the foreseeable future. As a Syracuse fan I guess I like it. Yeah I was kind of interested to see where the program would go with a new coach. However, Jimmy B is a God in Cuse and also seems to find his way to the Final Four every so often (including last year). But the best part of this is Boeheim is going to drive his haters bonkers by hanging around. They thought he was out of their lives for good after next season. Instead Boeheim threw up the old Dikembe Mutombo finger and is coach of Cuse until further notice. And he’s not going to get less cantankerous as the years go by. The smug grin and dismissive eye-rolls only get better with age like a fine wine. God I love that old, salty bastard.

Now if you will excuse me, I am going to watch this highlight reel for the billionth time and dream of Gerry McNamara one day coaching the Orange.

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