Two Men Getting Arrested For Picking Up Money Dropped On The Street By Bank Robbers Is Some Grade-A Bullshit

Daily Mail- Two men who picked up close to one thousand Euros from the floor after fleeing armed robbers dropped some of their loot have been arrested. A bank robbing duo stole around 9,000 EUR (7,825 GBP) from a People’s Credit Bank, in Caviano, Italy after threatening staff with handguns. However as they fled part of the wad escaped their clutches, leaving 700 EUR (609 GBP) unclaimed on the street. The opportunists thought it was their lucky day when they saw bundles of notes but CCTV footage caught the men helping themselves to the stolen cash, leading to their subsequent arrests.

Is Mussolini back in charge in Italy or something? What a fucking joke. In the words of the great theologian Omar Little of Baltimore “Money ain’t got no owners, only spenders”. In the words of another great theologian, whose name has been lost to time, “Finders, keepers. Losers, weepers”. Everybody knows that found money is the best feeling in the world. Even if that money is yours and you found it in a pair of jeans you haven’t worn in a month. And everybody is ready to blow their proverbial loads once Uncle Sam pays the piper after April 15th. To rob your fellow man of that rush is simply not humane, regardless of if the money was robbed or not. Once that money touches the ground, it is the property of anyone that picks it up, just like a fumble in football whether it’s in America, Italy, or fucking Timbuktu. Be better, Italy. I expect this kind of tomfoolery out of the French, not you.

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