This Video Of A High School Football Team Trying To Lose On Purpose Is Even More Outrageous Than I Expected

Writer’s Note: Despite my best efforts, I could not figure out a way to embed this video. Believe it or not, the Dayton Daily News embedding system and whatever code from the Devnest remains in Barstool’s DNA probably caused this to happen, since we actually have smart people working on the site/app now. But click below if you want to see some hardcore point shaving that would make Tony from Blue Chips blush (yes I know that reference is older than the kids in this video).

Dayton Daily News- The OHSAA punished Dayton Public Schools’ athletic department with fines and three years of probation this month. The issues stem from Dunbar’s Oct. 28, 2016 football game against Belmont. In the third quarter, there was a brief stretch where Dunbar started intentionally trying to lose the game. The game video above picks up just before a Dunbar sideline huddle in which players were told that a star teammate was ineligible, meaning if Dunbar won, they would have to forfeit. Dunbar coaches have said they were told moments earlier by athletic directors to lose the game, and they were forwarding that message to the players.

Okay you guys back? All done watching? Great! Yeahhhh, I think we can chalk that up as trying to throw the game. Now I’m sure that some people would be offended by the lack of sportsmanship or gamesmanship or some kind of ship that was displayed in that video. But not I. You know why? When you are in high school, you are just trying to appear cool and maybe get a girl to like you. I’m sure that’s part of the reason most of those guys joined the football team. Have fun playing football, be part of a team, and maybe just maybe get laid.

But the thing is nobody is happy after a loss in high school. The players, the students, the teachers. Nobody. Even the coaches didn’t try to hide this shit. They called timeout, huddled the whole team, the team looks like a bunch of Sad Sack Sallys after the meeting before their QB throws the perfect chest pass like Bob Cousy in his prime to the other team’s defensive tackle. If you are going to lose, make it the most obvious loss of all-time complete with 10 men on the field, your QB straight up rolling the ball and causing the announcers’ brains to tie in knots like a pretzel. Dunbar wanted to let everyone know they could beat the ever living shit out of Belmont but they didn’t want to. And then after that referee meeting, Dunbar putting a 50 yard bomb right in Belmont’s face was amazing. Men vs. Boys out there*.

*Except the two plays where Dunbar did everything to lose.

Also my favorite part of this video was the ref getting fed up and throwing his flag to Neptune in order to protect the shield. Somebody has to keep order and think about the children.

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