This Parody Of How A Mom Would Handle The “BBC Dad Situation” Is More Accurate Than I Care To Admit

The original for reference sake:

I want to hate on this video. I want to say that any mom would handle themselves just like that dad did in the same situation. Maybe even drop a shiver to one of the kid’s faces if she was having a bad day or the story was important enough. But I can’t. I have seen too many moms handle shit with way too much grace to say that most moms probably would have had a bottle ready for the older kid and the perfect toy ready for the goddamn baby if he broke in. The only thing missing in this video is the dad sitting on the couch on his phone not noticing that his kids ran away. If we are being honest, there were more than a few times where I would throw my kid in her high chair, put some lunch in front of her, plop the iPad on the table, and watch her on Facetime and record a podcast downstairs. No mom in her right mind would pull a move like that. Don’t get me wrong, Jono and Ben can still suck an egg. But moms are truly the real MVP of the household.

(I hope my wife reads this blog).

Still the GOAT walk-in reaction video though

Still the GOAT podcast about parenting

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