The Pacers May Use Lance Stephenson At Point Guard During Their Rebuild


RealGM- If the Indiana Pacers trade away Paul George, they could also let Jeff Teague leave in free agency as they begin a rebuild. According to a source, Kevin Pritchard is considering using Lance Stephenson as the Pacers’ point guard during their rebuild. Stephenson has lost more than 10 pounds since the end of the season.

YES YES YES A MILLION TIMES YES!! While people can debate if you should try to compete while rebuilding your team or just trust the process. But I think we can all agree that what the Pacers may do is the way the best type of rebuild. If you aren’t going to be good, you should at least be entertaining. That’s why people are paying a ticket to an NBA game. To forget how shitty life is for a little while, maybe catch a t-shirt in the crowd, and watch what kind of tomfoolery unfolds on the Kiss Cam. And having Born Ready in charge of setting up the offense and being more involved in the game than he has ever been. He has already given us a lifetime of highlights as a role player, I can’t even fathom what he could do as a starting point guard. The Pacers are immediately in the Top 5 League Pass teams. Not because they will be fun or good. But because you never know what Lance will do.

Will he break an unwritten NBA rule and almost cause a brawl?

Will he try to get someone’s head in the most childish way possible?

Or will he just create a classic highlight because the camera is drawn to him?

Or maybe he’ll create a reboot of the Malice at the Palace since reboots are what’s hot in the streets these days.

Regardless, I’m sure this will all go swimmingly as long as Lance lives by his own words (…by the GOAT)


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