The Madness Continues! Giants Reportedly Sign Geno Smith

THIS IS MARCH!!! Look at Jerry Reese going Michael Coreleone on us right before the 2nd day of the tournament starts. First JPP (maybe?) and now Geno. Jerry just may have a future as the Indiana AD with timing like that.

Now call me crazy but I like this move for a few reasons. Geno Smith was crazy enough to believe he should have been the # 1 pick once upon a time. And if he didn’t get his jaw turned into dust, he would have been the Jets QB in a good Chan Gailey offense and maybe he was the one that had that magical pretty good season instead of Ryan Fitzpatrick. Plus as a Mets fan, I know how shit like this works. When the Yankees sign a former Met, I’m expecting him to at the very least be 50% better than he was in Queens. Since the Sports Gods blessed me on the right side of the tracks when it comes to NFL team fandom, I hope I get to see the good side of this phenomena. I’m not saying Geno is going to be an MVP on the Giants. I hope him and every other backup QB never see the field. But if they do, he will probablyyyyyy be better than whatever Ryan Nassib would have given us the last few years.

And a quick thank you to Jerry Reese for making these deals right before the tourney so I can enjoy the games for a bit. But can we stop with the ex-Jets movement? Snacks was a no-brainer, B-Marsh was the perfect fit, and Geno is a low-risk move a backup. But we don’t need to be filling the Giants locker room with players from that other New York team. Oh yeah and offensive linemen. Lets keep trying to figure out ways to upgrade the line, Jeremiah!

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