The 8 Most Important Rules And Tips For The Summer Sharehouse

The three most important piece of advice I will ever give:

1) Dont have a girlfriend in college

2) Study abroad in college

3) After college, get a sharehouse during the summer. When you’re in your 20s and you have a little bit of cash to spend, you should 100%, unequivocally, no questions asked, get a house for the summer with your friends. As I understand it this is sort of a northeast thing? A lot of people don’t do this? I dunno. In my world this is a thing people do – rent a house in the Hamptons, the Jersey Shore, Newport, all those spots. Do a half share if you are strapped for cash. Do a full share if you’ve got it. Get out of your respective city and down to the beach every weekend from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Live like a savage. Sex booze drugs. Hangovers, sunburns. All of it. And follow the 8 tips we give on today’s KFC Radio.


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