Steve Harvey Writes An Email To All His Employees Demanding They Never Speak To Him



No more ambushing Steve Harvey! Not in his dressing room. Not in his make up chair. Not in the hallway. Its speak-when-spoken-too over at the Steve Harvey Show, and that makes perfect sense. Because he’s now on to Season 5 and he’s worth 100 million dollars. When you’re worth 100 million dollars you cant just have the minions opening the door popping in for a chat. You cant have the commoners looking your direction. Shit, Portnoy basically acts like this and he only has like low seven figs. I’m surprised he hasnt sent this email yet. He’s got Robbie Fox and Alarmingly Stupid all up in his business every day. I’m sure he’d love to send an email telling all of them to never make eye contact with him again.

I think we all would. You can call Steve Harvey an asshole all you want but the bottom line is this is a move we all wish we could pull at work. Remember when Prince Philip retired from Public Life last week? Well this is Steve Harvey retiring from professional life. No more talking to anybody he doesnt want to talk to. No more impromptu meetings. No more nonsense, waste of time chit chat. Its just taking all of the things you hate about Cube Life and putting an end to it. All of that awkwardness you go through just to keep up the pleasantries? GONE. Steve Harvey is simply out for the good of his personal life and enjoyment. If you’re seeking more Me time throughout the day, that means a whole lot less of You.

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