Rapper XXXTentacion Catches Another L, Gets Throw Into A Barrier Instead Of Into The Crowd By His Security Guards

First off let me just say I am comfortably in the place where I love my 90s/2000s hip hop and will enjoy whatever hits I discover along the way on the radio or the internet. But other than that, I am basically #done with today’s hip hop. I realize it just isn’t my cup of tea just like the music I grew up with wasn’t what people my age were feeling back then. There is definitely good music and artists out there, but I am too old and tired to stay on top of it like I was before I became completely washed.

However, I am all-in on XXXTentacion. Now I will fully admit that I don’t know and likely never will know any of XXXTentacion’s songs. But I love his way of going about becoming famous. We have seen countless rappers go about being the baddest gangster or someone that could eat 100 bullets shot into their chest. But we have never had a rapper that is a hip hop Larry David, catching Ls left and right.

The first (and only time) I saw XXXTentacion, he was getting sucker punched to the moon because of a beef with Rob Stone which was one of the wildest videos I’ve ever seen.

And now the second time I heard of Mr. XXX, he is getting thrown into a barrier and flat on his ass at a concert. Back in the day, that could have been a career killer on par with getting your chain snatched. But in 2017, videos like this going viral are just a means to get your name out there. Wile E. Coyote made an entire career out of being the butt of a joke. Why can’t a rapper do the same thing?

If I was XXXTentacion’s manager, I would have him capitalize on this by continuing to fuck up. Have a light fall on his head or harken to the old days by having a fan throw a tomato square in his face at his next show. And then once the 4th of July rolls around, you can have a firework go JPP on his ass and have him running around with his head on fire. I bet that video could potentially break the Wendy’s Nuggets Kid’s retweet record. The Kardashians taught us that you can become rich in the entertainment industry no matter how talented you are. A rapper that can’t buy a bucket can do the same thing, regardless of if he can spit bars or not.

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