Paul George Reportedly Told The Pacers He Is Leaving After Next Season, Preferably To Go To The Lakers

The Vertical- All-Star forward Paul George has informed the Indiana Pacers that he plans to become a free agent in the summer of 2018 and will leave the franchise – preferably for the Los Angeles Lakers, league sources told The Vertical.

George hasn’t requested a trade before he can opt out of his 2018-19 contract, but did have his agent, Aaron Mintz, tell new Indiana president of basketball operations Kevin Pritchard that he wanted to be forthright on his plans and spare the franchise any confusion about his intentions, league sources told The Vertical.

George can sign a four-year deal worth as much as $130 million with Los Angeles next year. George is a Southern California native and playing for the Lakers would represent a homecoming for him. George plans to play out the 2017-18 season with Indiana, but wants to give the organization the chance to plan appropriately for its future – which George told the team won’t include him, league sources said.



Okay maybe this wasn’t an old school Woj Bomb that blew everyone’s dick off since it’s been rumored that Paul George has been interested in going to the Lakers for a while now. A quick Google search of Paul George and the Lakers will give you an assortment of Photoshops with a bevy of different numbers before this year’s Photoshop SZN popped off.


(By the way, Kobe wouldn’t even let his own kid wear numbers 8 or 24 in purple and gold, let alone Paul George).

But it’s still a huge story for obvious reasons and Woj struck back after getting scooped during yesterday’s trade chaos. Now the Pacers have to move on from PG-13 and his awful nickname the same way the Nuggets did when Melo said he wasn’t going to stay in Denver. Obviously the Pacers should be able to get a decent package for George, but this news cuts out a ton of leverage the Pacers may have had and would also rob George’s future team of assets where he could just sign there for nothing in 2018. And considering the Lakers 2018 pick goes to Boston if it’s in the 2-6 range, it behooves the Lakers to make a deal to be competitive this year. Or George could be the playmaker LeBron was crying for during the regular season. Regardless, Pacers fans, Lakers fans, Cavs fans, and a bunch of other fans are turning on their Woj Twitter notifications a little earlier than usual. And I imagine Larry Bird is smiling somewhere in French Lick knowing he doesn’t have to deal with this rebuild or whatever it is. Personally I’m just hoping Phil can somehow find a way to weasel into this trade and throw Melo’s ass onto some team if contracts need to match.

Crazy that George missing an All-NBA Team spot voted on by reporters could have kept him in Indiana because of the supermax contract they could have offered.

Instead it’s gone like a fart in the wind.

Then again Paul George is a guy that wears his own jersey on vacation. He clearly answers to no man.


And you know what this is all going to lead to, right? Paul George, Lonzo Ball and whoever the Lakers don’t trade for George vs. Jaylen Brown, Isaiah Thomas (or whatever Ainge gets for Isaiah Thomas) and the Top 10 picks of the 2019 NBA Draft (via Trader Danny trading) squaring off in the 2021-2025 NBA Finals after the Warriors reign finally ends, leading to a Part 4 of the Best of Enemies 30 For 30. Time in the NBA is a flat fucking circle.

Someone tell Jack Nicholson to keep his head on a swivel if/when George gets to LaLaLand.

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