Noah Syndergaard Roams The Streets Of Manhattan Dressed As Thor

And the Academy Award goes to…..

Is there anything Noah Seth Syndergaard cant do?? Last night he became the first pitcher in 9 years to hit 2 home runs in one game. He also became the only member of the 100/100 Club last night – pitched a ball 100 mph and hit a ball 100 mph. Another 8 innings of 2 run ball. Top 5 in Fielding Independent pitching. And, apparently, a goddam acting legend. This part right here?

Couldnt even tell he was reading a script. Guy is as natural as Big Cat out there.

These two parts genuinely cracked me up because you know these is just Noah being Noah and actually thinking these things:

Thats just a 23 year old dude who thinks Elmo’s costume’s suck and Woody is a weirdo.

Hes the most dynamic, electrifying man in baseball. He is THORRRRRR.






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