No Pressure, Tonight’s Lottery Is Only The Biggest Moment In Maybe 30 Years For The Knicks


So here we go.  An entire season of garbage basketball and hopeless tanking has brought us to tonight.  Before we move on to some lottery talk, lets remember how the Knicks ended up in this spot:







OK, that was painful but necessary.  So tonight is the most important night in Knicks franchise history for a while.  At first I would have said since The Decision in 2010, but the more you read about that summer, the more you realize that LeBron was never coming to New York.  The next “most important” night was the 2003 NBA Lottery, when the Knicks didn’t beat the long odds and ended up with the 9th pick of a draft that included LeBron, Melo, D Wade, and Chris Bosh.  The Knicks would draft Michael Sweetney with the 9th pick that year.  Hold on one second <cleans vomit off of keyboard>.  OK.

And then after that, you basically go back to big games in the NBA Finals or Eastern Conference Finals for the most important nights in Knicks history.  And then you end up all the way back at the 1985 NBA Lottery, when the Knicks won the right to draft Patrick Ewing.  So again, tonight is pretty important for a team/fan base that constantly gets kicked in the teeth.

Now despite the fact that the lottery is explained to me every year, I can never truly understand it because of my peon brain.  My brain tops out at being able to understand the Die Hard With A Vengeance four gallon riddle.

Regardless of how it all works, here are the odds for which pick the Knicks will end up with tonight.  They have the second best odds to win the 1st pick, cannot go lower than the 5th pick, and have the highest odds to end up with the 4th pick (again, because of all that math mumbo jumbo).

  • 1st Pick = 19.9%
  • 2nd Pick= 18.8%
  • 3rd Pick= 17.1%
  • 4th Pick=  31.9%
  • 5th Pick= 12.3%

Now considering that many believe this to be a draft where the top 4 players are a cut above the rest, and considering that the Knicks are the Knicks, you should believe that there is a 100% chance that the Knicks are going to get the 5 pick.  Because years of missed shots, bad trades, awful timing, and James Dolan has taught us that the Knicks just can’t have nice things.  And if that happens, we blame Steve Mills because he will be representing the Knicks at the lottery tonight.  And to be honest, the last time I played ESPN’s Mock Lottery Machine, things did not turn out so hot.

Now if the Knicks somehow overcome almost every karmic sign in their franchise’s history and win the lottery, we are sitting in the driver’s seat of the draft.  I do not want them to trade the pick unless the player coming to New York is a bonafide stud.  Because years of missing out on having a chance to draft guys like Steph Curry and Russell Westbrook has driven me insane.  If you pass on a great player, that is the GMs fault.  But to never even have a chance for those guys is awful.  The Knicks have been living in basketball purgatory for way too long.  Too “good” to have a decent chance to win the lottery (when they haven’t actually traded that year’s draft pick away), too bad to be a legitimate contender in the playoffs.

They have finally tanked a season in a year where they actually owned their draft pick.  Winning the lottery tonight (hopefully) and wisely investing in free agency puts them on track to becoming a contender in the Eastern Conference again.

So here is some good mojo for tonight, since we will need every shred of it considering James Dolan has probably sucked every ounce of good karma from the franchise’s soul.  And yes I realize the irony of posting a bunch of videos of a time where the Knicks would fall just short of their goal.  Unfortunately there isn’t much else to fall back on as a Knicks fan.  Go New York, Go New York, Go!!!!!


I could honestly jump through a wall after listening to the 90’s intro music.  I may just keep that on loop the rest of the day at my house.

And in case you forgot how weird shit got back in 2011, here is this reboot of the Go New York Go video:


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