Lil Yachty’s Rap About 59 Simpsons Characters Is Straight Up FIRE

I have to admit that 10-year-old me never thought that he would see the day a rapper rapped about Bort license plates, steamed hams, Alf pogs, and everything coming up Milhouse absolutely flawlessly on The Tonight Show. But here we are. Everyone who says 2017 is a terrible time to be alive officially needs to check themselves before they wreck themselves and reread that first sentence again. That rap was so great I even forgot how much I hate Jimmy Fallon. Funny what some Simpsons nostalgia and The Roots can do for a guy.

If anyone ever releases a remix, we need references to Scorpio, the Springfield softball team, dental plannnn, Dr. Zaius, the monorail, and so much more. God I love The Simpsons. Pound for pound it’s my favorite show ever. I said the other day my Mount Rushmore for TV shows was The Wire, Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, and The Sopranos. But I’ve never loved a show as much as I loved The Simpsons during its prime. In fact, nothing is more damning to the current state of The Simpsons than the fact I knew basically all the references Yachty said. It’s like the last 15 seasons or so never happened. If you haven’t listened to the special Mickstape Simpsons podcast, listen to it now to finish your week at work.

Obligatory fuck Jimmy Fallon for his baseball fandom snippet.


h/t Ballow

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