The Tampa Bay Buccaneers Are This Year’s Hard Knocks Team


PFT (Not our PFT)- Earlier this month, word was that the Buccaneers believed they were a leading choice to be the featured team on this year’s installment of HBO’s Hard Knocks show about life in an NFL training camp. It looks like the Bucs were on the right track. The team said Tuesday that they will make a “major announcement” on Wednesday afternoon that is expected to be confirmation of their moment in the preseason spotlight. General Manager Jason Licht and coach Dirk Koetter will both be part of that announcement, although Licht already discussed appearing on the show on Monday.

“The fans would get an inside look at how our team really is,” Licht said in comments distributed by the team. “I know that you guys get a better feel than most, but I think the fans would get a real inside look at how we operate, how the players are. In terms of being a distraction, I think we’re wired to where we would be able to minimize that. Dirk has been through it [with the Falcons in 2014]. Mike Smith has been through it and I’ve heard positive things from them.”

UPDATE: It’s official

Are we skrong HBO? The Bucs are skrong if you’re skrong. Yeah? We skrong then! I feel like Hard Knocks has gotten kind of tired the last few years. We haven’t had many memorable characters or even “Lets go eat a goddamn snack” quotes to keep it afloat. Granted the suits at the network probably know that the entire country is football crazed as fuck in August and they could still get ratings if they did nothing but show coaches breakdown film with that FIRE theme song blaring in the background.


Sorry, got a little lost in the music there. The people at HBO clearly know the best way to turn up the drama is to send a camera crew down to Tampa and let the meth chips fall as they may. Not the worst idea in the world, to be honest. Especially when you consider the other teams that were eligible for Hard Knocks. The Bucs are more fun to watch than the Colts (boring except for their crazy ass owner and funny punter), Bears (probably would kill Big Cat to have to watch the Bears suck behind the scenes as well as on the field), the Saints (meh), the Titans (suuuuper meh), the Ravens (probably too buttoned up to give us any good stuff. Or they could have murderers in the locker room, not sure), the Browns (lets just let the Browns try to dig out of their hole without a million TV cameras everywhere, OK?), and the Eagles. Actually I wish the Eagles were on Hard Knocks just because of the chance the show could throw off the locker room or some shit. But instead we will get the Bucs and all the important behind the scenes info we’ve ever wanted about them.

Like what kind of locker room speeches does Jameis give his team during camp and before preseason games? Not gonna lie, my expectations are pretty high based on these two.

And there is always a chance Jameis is going to say something extreeeeemely stupid at any given moment. Should be fun.

Will I be singing “Standing on a corner, Jameis Winston Arizona, such a fine sight to see” in my head every week of Hard Knocks? (Definitely)

Is Miko Grimes going to stuff anyone in a bodybag on camera? Or will anything said on Hard Knocks lead her to Twitter murder somebody?





Who is the Bucs coach again? And how long has he been there?


(The answer is Dirk Koetter and this is his 2nd season as head coach. You may remember Dirk as the reason all those fantasy football writers told you to draft Matt Ryan five years ago).

How do you pronounce Koetter?



via Pro Football Reference

What’s the point of having a YouTube channel devoted to name pronunciation if they are wrong?

Anyway, you know who is Dirk’s right hand man? That’s right, former Falcons coach and Hard Knocks veteran Mike Smith!


And of course we have some highlights of Mike’s time on Hard Knocks:

Then again, Mike Smith surviving this glare remains the most amazing thing I have ever seen a human do. All things considered, Mike should probably be hanging in one of Arthur Blank’s industrial size freezers in some mansion down South.


And I know what you’re thinking, but the answer is no, Bryan Cox unfortunately did not follow Mike Smith down to Tampa

Desean Jackson is in town, so I’m sure we will hear that little son of a bitch yap sooner or later (Not that I’m still bitter about the game and the punter that Giants fans do not speak of). I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed watching Desean Jackson on my TV screen, but at least we may get a Nick Carter appearance!



Does Roberto Aguayo go Private Pyle on us during Hard Knocks?

Not sure if we will get an answer to this, but how did Jon Gruden feel when he realized that HBO cameras would be in the Bucs locker room when he wasn’t their head coach? My guess, somewhere in the range of these emotions.

Bears v Dolphins





Is Mike Alstott still associated with the team? And if so, in what capacity?

(I just wanted to include some Mike Alstott highlights)

And finally the question everyone is asking…

Can the Bucs can finally top the best Hard Knocks moment to come out of Florida? Not gonna be easy.

Can’t. Wait.

(Even though it could definitely suck).

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