Downtown Josh Brown Joined The Podfathers To Discuss How To Make Sure Your Kids Don’t Become Poor, Blog Life, Mets Vs. Yankees, Tupac Vs. Biggie, And More

Look at Barstool Sports growing a brain and talking about money/finance! Not since Stool Financial (RIP) was running wild on the blog has Barstool had so much street cred in the finance game.

Now this isn’t your dad’s finance podcast. Well your dad never had podcasts, but if he did they sure as fuck wouldn’t be as entertaining as Downtown Josh Brown, who carries himself like a finance guy (he even says “finance” like a fancy person) but he talks like a common man with hip hop and sports references out the ass. Josh has a financial blog, is a fixture on CNBC’s Halftime Report, and also is the CEO of a wealth management firm. When we announced on The Podfathers Twitter account that Josh would be joining us, tons of Stoolies were acting like worlds were colliding (but in a good way).

Anyway, Josh stopped by HQ to discuss why a guy like himself with a paying job would be STUPID enough to quit it and start blogging for a living. Sound like anyone you know? He also told us the most important things new parents should do when they have children, which shockingly KFC and I already screwed up. Then Josh broke down how he is a Biggie Guy but also a Mets fan turned Yankees fan. At one point, I legitimately thought KFC was going to tell Josh to put up his dukes. And after yesterday’s debacle in Milwaukee, I’m happy this interview happened before the cuncel occurred or things may have gotten ugly.

And since yesterday was Mother’s Day, we also talked about what moms truly want on Mother’s Day, Chaps digging himself out of a huge pickle, another classic McCartney story, and KFC absolutely sandbagging us with a pre-planned shout out to his wifey while Chaps and I were scrambling for something to say to ours.

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