Detective Gets Absolutely BODIED By A Goose

Aren’t detective supposed to be the smart cops or something? Anyone with a brain knows that if a goose has it out for you, you better find another way to get to your destination without crossing paths with that angry bird. While pigeons are the grimy member of the bird family that you never want to touch, geese are the real dickheads. Shitting on fields, honking more than NYC taxis, and just having a general negative demeanor.

However I will admit that this goose lands a hell of a Liu Kang flying kick on our pal Detective Aguado here. No way to block that or swat it down with a bag, either. And while I know police brutality is a real problem in this country, I don’t think anyone outside of those PETA weirdos would have had a problem if Aguado popped two shots in this goose after assaulting an officer. Fuck geese, man.

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