Darrelle Revis Charged With 4 First Degree Felonies And Terroristic Threats

Listen the Jets should be cutting Revis for a multitude of reasons. He’s too expensive, he doesnt care anymore, and if he continues to mail it in like he did this season, he will be a liability on the field. Off the field, hes never exactly been the most professional teammate. Revis will never take a pay cut, and paying someone $17 million to downgrade and play safety just isnt smart. Theres a lot of financial reasons and football reasons that the Jets would cut Revis.

But now theres 5 more reasons – 4 felonies and acting like a goddam terrorist. This makes it a no brainer in my eyes. He’s already an overpaid malcontent and now we’re hitting him with the “terrorist” label. Hopefully this makes the decision that much easier.

PS – I’m sure Revis would go right back to New England on the cheap with renewed motivation just because thats just how things go for the Jets.

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