Chucky Brown Discussed The Time Charles Oakley Slapped Down Charles Barkley During The 1999 Lockout Meetings

Well there it is. The reports of the Oakman humbling Sir Charles have been around forever but now we have an actual account from an eyewitness on the scene. And it is even better than I could have imagined. Oakley coming over with DC and Mase by his side, laying waste to his nemesis, and then both men going about their business (except with Barkley probably having stars spin around his head). And like Chucky said, the fact Oak went with the open hand slap makes it a million times more disrespectful. Not a punch to start a fight but a slap just to take away a man’s pride like Lucifer takes away a man’s soul. Brutal.

The only way this feud could get better is if Oak randomly becomes a proponent of the three point shot and modern basketball just so he can talk shit to Barkley whenever he starts yelling at a cloud about how the game stinks now. Because I need more tweets like this in my life.


Nothing will top this Oak story though. Truly the Boogeyman come to life.

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