Chicks Freaking LOVE Hocus Pocus

You see this shit?? I expected to see “I Like It On…Hocus Pocus.” Probably woulda broke facebook if you combined both of these trends.

I mean you wanna get laid? Tell chicks you like Hocus Pocus. Easiest pick up line during the month of October. Luckily for myself I’m a legit hardcore Hocus Pocus fan. Whachu wanna know? Black Flame Candle? Thackery Binx? The Sanderson Sisters? How I wanted to F Allison? Seriously I think I’ve watched Hocus Pocus at least one time every year since I was like 8. I used to think that made me gay but clearly after seeing my facebook tonite I think its pretty much the key to banging chicks.


Legit one minute after I posted this I get a text

You can’t make this shit up.

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