Charles Barkley Is Rooting Against UCLA Every Game They Play In The NCAA Tourney Because Of LaVar Ball

HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE!!! It’s so great to have someone that will fire back at LaVar Ball, even though Ball is just a hype man trying to talk up his sons in this social media age. Guys like Steph Curry and MJ have enough things in their life to keep them distracted from The Black Skip Bayless With Supersperm. But the Chuck Wagon has all the time in the world. Based on what LeBron said a few months ago, Charles Barkley will be chained to that desk until the day he dies in order to pay off his debts like MJ would have been at Moron Mountain if the Toon Squad lost. Barkley talking about himself and his grudges far outweighs any college hoops insight he can possibly give, not to mention that he can chirp LaVar’s game nonstop since Charles he will gladly play (and bury) LaVar in a one-on-one game. And as a Knicks fan, it feels kind of good to have Chuck shit all over another team for petty reasons.

However, would it have killed Sir Charles to rock a better jersey than number 55? No offense to Kevin Zabo, who is likely a fine player. But if you are rocking a Kent State basketball jersey, you haaaaaaave to rep Antonio Gates, right?

Kent State v Indiana X

(If you didn’t know Antonio Gates played basketball for Kent State, you have never had the volume on during a Chargers game).

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