Breaking News: Gleyber Torres Needs Tommy John Surgery

I’m not gonna do what everyone thinks I’m gonna do, and FREAK OUT. I obviously would prefer that Torres is healthy and able to come up this year to bat .350 with power, but this isn’t the end of the world. Gleyber Torres is a big part of the Yankee future, but luckily that isn’t on the mound. His future is in the field, probably at third base, and with his bat, so Tommy John changes nothing. Especially because IT’S HIS NON-THROWING ARM.

Torres will miss the remainder of 2017 and likely be back at full strength for Spring Training with a chance to make the big league club out of camp. Luckily, the organization has been able to see enough out of him that they know the future is close, and worth shutting down so he can get right for 2018.

So where do we go from here? Chase Headley isn’t going to cut it if we want to make a deep playoff run. So it’s time to look at the trade market. Mike Moustakas is the biggest 3rd baseman name out there right now, but that may require us to get into a bidding war with the Red Sox. Since they are getting nothing out of Sandoval, the Sox are entering the trade market from a “must win” perspective, which is very different than our “rebuild”. Moustakas is batting .276 with 18 home runs, but as a rental player the asking price will be the deciding factor and the Red Sox may be willing to part with more to win in the short term. The only other big option out there right now would be moving Howie Kendrick back to the infield but even then, you have to wonder what the Phillies would want for a veteran batting .324.

It seems like our pets heads are falling off and we’ll be stuck with Headley throughout this year as we try to plug holes at first and in the rotation, but things aren’t all bad. We’re still in first place in a “rebuilding year” and have a ton of prospects close to making an impact in the big leagues.

PS: I know I said David Price would need Tommy John this year and I still think he needs it. Comparing him or the shit storm in Queens to this is a joke. I’d rather be me than those fans any day of the week.

Clem’s Editor’s Note:

Uhhhh hey JJ, suck our dicks.

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