Bieber Emotionally OBLITERATES Some Teenage Girl Trying To Take A Selfie

Today we did One Minute Man on KFC Radio and one of the topics was the Biebs having another awesome meltdown on his fans. I fucking love how much this kid hates his fans. Its incredible. Admirable, really. He does this like two or three times a year where he just massacres his fans. He backtracks and apologizes because he wants to be rich but you know he doesnt ever actually like them.

I think every celebrity is entitled to that. I think they ultimately should be grateful for the people that make them wealthy, but its understandable that eventually, every now and then, you just get fed up and explode. The difference here is that when this happens to Biebs he does it with 12 year old girls. Just dropping nuclear bombs on pre teen girls that idolize him. Imagine looking an adolescent girl in the eyes and being like “What is your respect level? You MAKE ME SICK.” Thats incredible. So mean. So selfish. Only a few people in this world capable of doing that and on the Biebs is one.

You have no respect level. Amazing.

Also in todays KFC radio – Super Producer BC and I talk Snow Days, me and Asa discuss the ATL Orgy, Feits and I do #BarstoolConfessions and a Love Letter from a guy named Frank that I think you’ll want to hear.

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