Best Fictional Bars Of All Time

Yesterday we took KFC Radio downtown to Offside Tavern for a Little Saturday recording. Its something we’re gonna do each week for our Thursday episodes of the show. Get back to our roots of boozing and bantering. One of the questions we tackled was a list of the best fictional bars of all time. From TV and movies, all the fake pubs in the world of entertainment. My personal favorites, in order:

The Smash Club – Full House  – A little bit of a loophole here since its not technically a bar. But Jesse and the Rippers used to tear that place up and probably ran through groupies. It was more of a sex club than a dance club if you ask me.

The Garrison – Peaky Blinders – Only thing better than a fantastic bar is a fantastic bar that operates as a front for your organized crime. Whiskey and beer in the front, shady criminal activity in the back. Awesome spot.

Cheers – Cheers – The OG TV bar in my opinion. All I ever want in this life is to be a loved regular at a bar like Norm. Just need a good bartender, a corner spot at the bar, and a buddy like Cliff Claven.

The Alibi – Shameless – The Dive Bar to end all Dive Bars. Every single patron is a full blown alcoholic like Frank Gallagher. Its the sort of place that doesnt actually make any money. Its perfect. And the name is spectacular. One of the best bar names I can think of for a spot like that. When every person in the bar is a scumbag or a criminal, you got your family at the bar that will vouch for where you were last night.

Paddy’s Pub – Always Sunny – Obviously the far and away number 1. I’d give up everything to be able to own a failing piece of shit bar with my 4 friends. What a dream. Its more like a house and a home than a bar.

Obviously theres a ton to choose from Moe’s, The Drunken Clam, the bar from How I Met Your Mother, Mos Eisely Cantina from Star Wars, etc etc. Sound off. Let us know best fictional bars of all time.

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