Barstool Storyboards presents…Dave Chappelle: Sometimes Ya Gotta Race

Two brand new Dave Chappelle stand up specials premiere tomorrow on Netflix. Its the official triumphant return of what I feel is the funniest comedian of all time. So today on Storyboards we dive into the rise and fall of Dave Chappelle. Using clips from Killin Them Softly, For What its Worth, Seasons 1 and 2 of Chappelle’s Show, and interviews after his disappearance, this is Dave Chappelle: Sometimes Ya Gotta Race.

This is the 4th Storyboard podcast I’ve made. Technically the third since Jeahrial: The Ryan Locthe Story was more of a joke. But this one was interesting. The others have been sports based and more just interesting material as opposed to comedy. Chappelle content is obviously hilarious. So I wanted to include as many clips as I possibly could without overdoing it. I wanted to just narrate and present some opinions on Chappelle’s career while letting his stand up and his TV clips do the talking. I think it made for an interesting balance between me and the audio bits. If you’re a Chappelle fan, you’ll know all the clips and remember it fondly. But if you missed Chappelle’s flash in the pan greatness, hopefully this podcast gets you on board with him. I HIGHLY encourage you to go back and watch Killin Them Softly, For What Its Worth, and every episode of Chappelle’s Show. Because as much as we tried to do it justice, there’s just no way you can convey just how funny those specials and those episodes were when you watch them in their¬†entirety. Either way, new fans, old fans…everyone can listen and then tomorrow night we can watch the new Netflix specials. What a fucking time! Back like Jordan, wearing the 4-5!

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