Barstool Confessions Now On KFC Radio

2017-03-21One of the longest running franchises at Barstool is the weekly Confessions. But aside from that one Friday blog, Confessions never really get enough shine. So every week now to close out the Tuesday episode of KFC Radio we’re gonna do Barstool Confessions. We’ll read 3 of the best submissions and give our own Confessions to wrap things up.

Today we featured a classic. One of my favorite Confessions and one that really hits home if you ever listened to the “I Just Dont Get It” episode of Mailtime. I understand how gravity works. I understand thats sphere doesnt technically have an “up” or “down.” But get the fuck out of here. North is up south is down and I dont understand how shit isnt upside down on the bottom of the earth. Dont bother trying to explain it to me.

Other highlights include:

– Asa hates God and Koreans/Chinese people

– Doghouse of the Day

– One Minute Man

– ATL Orgy Recap

– Quote of the Day:





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