After Last Night’s Debut, ARod Needs To Be Calling Every Major Baseball Game For The Rest Of Time

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Last night Alex Rodriguez made his debut as a color commentator for Fox Sports 1 and as expected the night didn’t disappoint. Paired with the fantastic Kevin Burkhardt, ARod jumped all over the place, but even before the game started Alex made headlines off of a simple picture. As Clem broke down moments before first pitch, on ARod’s note pad were mentions of birth control, a baby, and good old pull out stuff.
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You have to think ARod was completely aware of what he wrote down, and was trying to get the hype train going so everyone would watch. I have only respect for the move.

Now to the actual game, ARod touched on a variety of different topics. He described being a batter for famous umpire Joe West and how you shouldn’t fuck with him. He said he’s the guy you don’t give any attitude towards him because he can ruin your night if that’s the case. Now this is something we all knew anyways but it was funny hearing it from ARod’s voice.

When Didi Gregorious stepped to the dish later in the game ARod couldn’t help himself but call the Yankees shortstop the “the modern day Bill Gates who plays shortstop.” It was a line for the ages describing how ARod has no idea how to use technology and would go to Didi for any questions on his iPad or iPhone. He also said Didi speaks five different languages which was news to me.

As the game got late the two started talking about ARod’s suspension and how he dealt with it. It was actually pretty interesting to listen about how Rodriguez felt about those two years after he came back to baseball. He claims those two years were the most humbling of his entire life and different from anything he’s ever experienced. That would make sense since he actually wasn’t juiced up to the moon for the first time ever. Kevin couldn’t help but ask about how he feels about the Yankees incredible success after he left and this year. He said, “It was humbling for sure, even though I sucked… They started playing really well right after they sent me back to Miami.” Unreal line there.

It’s become very obvious Alex has a strong affection towards Yankees star Aaron Judge. They talked about why Judge has decided to live in Times Square and how he’s not being recognized in public despite being a GIANT.

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This scares the fuck out of me. Remember how close Melky Cabrera and ARod got when they were teammates? Close enough that Alex hooked Melky up with his steroid guy and got him suspended. Alex raved about Judge all night long, and is certain he’ll turn into a star for a while. As long as we keep HGH out of the conversations and just talk about hitting baseballs then I’m very down. Anything else concerns me.

If you didn’t get a chance to tune into the Yanks-Royals game last night to hear ARod’s commentary, well you can tune in tomorrow when he calls the Angels-Mets game with none other than Joe Buck. Now that he’s got his feet wet and is comfortable, maybe we’ll get some J Lo talk.

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