Tiger Woods Beat Michael Strahan In A Putting Contest On GMA So LOOK OUT WORLD


YELLING BACK BACK BACK LIKE I’M CHRIS BERMAN! FIST PUMP CITY! DON’T LET TIGER GET HOT! Putting stroke looking realllllll smooth. Let me tell you something. That might be just enough to get Tiger back in the game. I’m not even kidding. Yes it was a stupid contest between him and Michael Strahan. Yes it didn’t mean anything. Yes we still haven’t seen him play real golf in a hot minute. But, if I know Tiger Woods like I think I know Tiger Woods, he’s like a drug addict. Except he’s addicted to winning and he hadn’t won anything in awhile. But he won that putting contest against Strahan and that gave him a taste. A taste of what his past life was like when he was stepping on throats and winning tournament after tournament. I’m not saying we’re gonna look back on Tiger winning a putting contest on Good Morning America as the turning point for the second half of his career but I’m not not saying that either. Not to mention he looked pretty damn healthy there. Previous reports had me thinking he couldn’t even stand without pain. He was bopping around and celebrating like a young Eldrick. Let’s fucking go.


Please god just play


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