Storms And Flooding Caused A Road To Open Up And Eat A Car In Eastern Iowa


Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 10.04.18 AM


So this picture is currently getting passed all around the news and media outlets around here right now.  A car getting straight up swallowed by a road that broke open over night due to storms.  Talk about bad timing for that car.  Mondays are terrible as is and that’s before you’re driving and all of the sudden you’re in the jaws of the street.  No word on the people who were inside the car but hopefully they’re alright.  Iowa’s been getting rocked by storms this whole month of June. Tornadoes, heavy rain and insane winds causing all sorts of damage up and down this great state.  Trees crushing houses, light poles crushing parked cars, etc.  Basically fucking madness.  Storms obviously aren’t abnormal in the Midwest but this month has been insane.  And I know people will say, “Well that’s what you guys get for living in an area called Tornado Alley.”  Well fuck you.  Storm damage is simply the price we pay for living in the greatest part of the country.  The coasts get hit by hurricanes and earthquakes and all they have to show for it is overpopulation, smog and bad attitudes.   I’ll take a few tornadoes a year and a car getting eaten by a road and living in the Midwest every time.

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