Stewart Cink Nails A 94-Foot Putt And Wins A Georgia Tech Student $25,000



There we go! $25,000! Now that’s a real prize.  Last week we had some school give out a measly $500 to a kid who sank a full-court putt but he could only spend it on books. Super fucking lame.  $25,000 though? That ain’t no joke. That’s a worthy amount of money to give away after somebody miraculously sinks a 94-foot putt.  Even if the GT kid can only spend it on books and tuition, that’s fucking worth it. As a person who is currently in student loan debt, behind on his payments and ignoring every unknown number from Sallie Mae, 25 grand would be really helpful right about now. They know I know I’m behind on my payments, right?  I don’t need a daily reminder. Sallie Mae should let me putt to make my student loan payments disappear. Better yet, everybody should get a shot at it. One time only. You can agree to do it or not. Make it, bye bye student loan payments. Miss it, Sallie gets to tack on another $10,000. Let’s do this.





Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 9.59.52 AM


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