Police Are On The Hunt For The Suspect Who Gouged Out The Eyes Of An Alligator

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NYP- An alligator in Florida was euthanized after vandals who broke into a business saw the reptile and gouged its eyes out, police said. The vandals broke into an Indiantown property owned by Del Monte Foods, a produce-distributing company, and began damaging the area, Martin County Sheriff’s Office said. They broke the door, cut an electrical outlet, took a fire extinguisher and sprayed foam on farming equipment. The attacker then flooded the entrance by turning on the faucets and drew graffiti on porta potty. The vandals later spotted the four-foot alligator on the ground near the building and tortured it before gouging its eyes out with a “blunt object,” according to police. The alligator was found with cut marks on its back. Officials euthanized the reptile because of its injuries.



I didn’t wanna come away from this story feeling sorry for the alligator but i came away from this story feeling bad for the alligator. It just goes to show that movies make everything seem more light hearted than when something happens in real life. Happy Gilmore tracking down the alligator that bit off Chubbs’ hand? Hilarious. Even the way Chubbs falls out of the window and dies is hilarious in its own way. But when somebody tracks down and alligator and gouges its eyes out in real life? Kinda fucked up. And by kinda I of course mean really fucked up. Also not a great look for the alligator community. This is yet another blow to the whole Alligators Are Scary Animals narrative. Alligators keep getting dunked on by golfers who simply play while alligators are just chillin right next to them. And now alligators are letting humans gouge their eyes out. Tough days for the ancestors of dinosaurs (not sure if thats correct but it might be).

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