Old Guy Rocking Out HARD To Metallica Is Much Cooler Than You’ll Ever Be


Not many people are out there living their best lives. People are too worried about paying bills or rent or making their relationship work or what happens when we die. Well not that old guy in his car rocking out to Metallica. He doesn’t have a care in the damn world. He’s what I envision Joe Dirt being like in real life. That’s not a diss. I love Joe Dirt. Life’s a garden, dig it. I’d kill to be that carefree at that age. At that age I’ll be worrying about how a gust of wind or the breeze from a car driving by could kill me. Hell, if I were him I’d be worried about accidentally killing myself from rocking out too hard. But that’s what make me me and him him. Keep doing you, old man who loves giving himself concussions to Metallica.

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