Justin Thomas Fires The Lowest Round In Relation To Par In US Open History With A 9-Under 63

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Screen Shot 2017-06-17 at 5.50.45 PM



JT! God damn! I said god damn! What a round! 9-under 63! And that’s with two bogeys on the card no less. In your stupid face, Johnny Miller! JT just fired the lowest round in relation to par in US Open HISTORY. That’s a lot of history folks. That was so much fun to watch.


Here are the highlights from his record-breaking round


His RIDICULOUS 90-degree birdie putt at #5



His tee shot on #15 where he SMOKED a 3-wood (he only ended up making birdie so his score could’ve been even better)



(we’ll be hearing “Be as good as you look!” for years to come)


Long birdie putt on #17 that drops



His 2nd shot on #18 with a 3-wood. One of the greatest shots you’ll ever see in your damn life



And then of course, his eagle putt on #18 for the record. DRILLS IT




And that’s history! What a round. What a guy. What a pair of pants. Awesome stuff from JT today. SUPER entertaining. Oh, and by the way, JT is your solo leader at the US Open on top of everything else. Sunday is gonna be hella fun.





UPDATE: Here comes that asshole Johnny Miller we all know!



That is PEAK Johnny Miller. PEAK

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