Is This The Face Of A Guy Whose Credit Card Got Declined At The Bar So He Tried To Pay His $36 Tab By Giving The Bartender His Gun?

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Des Moines- Register- A Des Moines man was arrested Friday after handing a bartender his gun instead of money for his tab, police said. Douglas Allen Wamsley, 38, was drinking at Wellman’s Pub, 2920 Ingersoll Ave., and tried to use a credit card to pay his $36 bill, according to police reports. When the bartender told him the card had been declined, Wamsley handed the bartender a gun instead, authorities said. The bartender “was surprised by this,” police reports show, but he put the gun behind the bar and tried to negotiate a payment with Wamsley, who called several people in an attempt to get money. The bartender told Wamsley to return Saturday to pay the tab and retrieve his gun and Wamsley became belligerent, the bartender told police. The bartender called authorities and when officers arrived, Wamsley approached them and said he was the one they were looking for, officials said. Wamsley was charged with public intoxication and taken to the Polk County Jail. He has since been released, jail records show. Police also confiscated his gun and weapons permit. A weapons permit in Iowa is not valid while the carrier is intoxicated.

Don’t read that headline the wrong way.  This guy didn’t angriliy shove his gun in the bartenders face after his credit card was declined and demand his tab had been paid..  He was simply trying to trade something of value to pay his tab.  Bartering like in the wild west.  Pretty honorable if you ask me.  And I’ve said it on here before that I don’t know shit about shit when it comes to guns and that still holds true.  I know less than nothing and I sure as hell don’t know how to use one.  If I owned a gun there’s a much better chance of me hurting myself when trying to kill the person who breaks into my house in the middle of night.  That’s just a fact.  I’d rather you take my stuff and get away with it then risk me turning into Mr. Badass at 3am and shooting myself in the face.  Not my idea of fun.  But, despite my extreme lack of gun knowledge, I know for a fact whatever gun this guy had was worth more than $36 and the bartender was a straight up moron for not accepting it.  It’s simple, the guy gives you the gun, you pay the tab with your own money and then you sell that fucking thing for however much it’s worth.  Everybody wins because you took the gun away from a drunk who clearly shouldn’t have one anyway, the bar tab gets paid and you now have a gun.  You can keep the gun or sell it and make way more than $36.  Do whatever you want with it.  This is America after all.

Unless of course you get arrested for selling the gun illegally.  Then you do not win.

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