Hard To Hate On This Guy Who Called 911 And Said His Grandma Had A Stroke At Hooters So He Needed A Ride There

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MERRITT ISLAND, Florida — He was looking for a ride to Hooters, but got a lift to jail instead. A Florida man was charged with missing using the 911 system when he called asking for ride from sheriff’s deputies to the local Hooters. Jonathan Clayton Hinkle, 28, allegedly told dispatchers that his elderly grandmother was suffering from a stroke in the Hooters parking lot in Merritt Island and he needed help getting there to assist her. Hinkle then said he was running to the eatery as fast as he could but asked if a patrol car could be dispatched to give him a lift, the Brevard County Sheriff’s office said. Deputies gave him the lift, but then were unable to locate the grandmother anywhere near the Hooters. When they finally found her three hours later, she told deputies that she had never been in any distress and hadn’t called Hinkle for help. They then tracked Hinkle down and arrested him. The department said they will seek restitution of $222 for the wasted manpower.


Shooters shoot. By any means necessary. You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. Don’t hate the playa, hate the game. All that shit. Life and the way you live it all really depends on the amount of shame you’re willing to endure. This guy is willing to endure a whole lot of shame for above-average wings (if you don’t love Hooters wings, you’re a crazy person) and big boobs. Cop cars are just free Ubers when you think about it. Kinda shocking people haven’t started exploiting this before now. All you gotta do is make up an emergency and they’ll take you wherever you wanna go. Really fast. Cop cars are actually way better than Ubers. Cause cop cars have flashy lights and loud sirens that make other cars get out of the way. You’re basically the president when you have a cop car taking you places. I respect the shit outta the cops for actually taking him to Hooters to look for his fake grandma having a fake stroke. It’s nice that authorities still trust people. Even when we ask them for rides to Hooters.

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