Former CEO Of Yahoo Was Asked What She’s Most Looking Forward To After She Quit: “Using G-Mail Again”

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Business Insider- Former Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer resigned on Tuesday after running the company for about five years. She resigned because Verizon’s $4.48 billion acquisition of Yahoo has officially closed, netting her a $23 million payout. At a conference in London, Mayer said one of the things she was looking forward to in her post-Yahoo life was using Gmail again. Presumably, as CEO of Yahoo, she had to use Yahoo Mail.



Boom roasted. Good one, Marissa. You know what? I’m glad she quit. Get outta here and never come back. Take your 23 MILLION dollars and scram. She’s lucky that 23 million dollars isn’t 23 cents after their deal with Verizon almost fell through cause she didn’t know what she was doing. I only want a Yahoo diehard as the CEO of my email company. No frauds. No fakes. Nobody pretending like they love Yahoo. No wonder the company has gotten hacked a billion times over the course of her tenure. She wasn’t in it for the love of the game. She was there to cash a check, talk with her pals on Gchat and that’s it. Sad. You can’t win with somebody like that. You win with someone who’s loyal and will die for what they love. That describes anyone who still uses Yahoo mail (myself included, not to pat myself on the back). If she had been a real Yahoo loyalist then she wouldn’t have let her brethren’s personal information fall into the hands of hackers. I just hope the next Yahoo CEO isn’t a backstabbing g-mail apologist. #TeamYahoo for life. Through thick and thin and bad CEOs.

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