Dude Fights Off FIVE Armed Robbers With A Machete


Classic case of “put up or shut up” between the guy with the shotgun and the guy with the machete. A test between who’s willing to take it the furthest. We found out REAL quick. The guy with the machete was willing to go a whole hell of a lot further than the guy with the shotgun. Cause the guy with the shotgun very easily could’ve ended that argument by shooting the guy in the face. It would’ve been over right then and there. He clearly isn’t actually about that life. He figured he could waltz up into anyone’s house and have his way. WRONG. He ran into the one guy who didn’t give a single fuck that there was a shotgun in his face. That’s the risk you run when you decide to pull a robbery in Florida. Almost anywhere else in the country, you’re GOLDEN with a shotgun. Florida? You might run outta there with you tail between your legs cause a crazy guy runs at you with a machete and is willing to use it. You never know.

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