Drake The Dog Gets Carried 1,000 Feet By A Tornado, Drake The Dog Doesn’t Give A Shit

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(CNN)- It’s usually a trip to the vet or a lost bone that marks a bad day for a dog. But Duke is no ordinary dog. Three weeks ago, a tornado ripped through Davis County, North Carolina, sweeping up Duke along the way and carrying him almost 1,000 feet from his house. “(He was) picked up in the mass of the swirling wind,” Duke’s owner, Lewis Vannoy, told CNN affiliate WGHP. “Tossed just like a rag doll.” Vannoy found 12-year-old Duke in a pasture across the street with a broken leg and a damaged retina, but still very much alive. “He’s going to have a full recovery,” Vannoy said. While Duke goes through multiple surgeries on the road to recovery, Vannoy is shifting his focus to finding a new house after the tornado destroyed the one he had lived in for 35 years. “Thirty-five years to build it, 35 seconds to destroy in,” Vannoy said. “Home, barns garage, tractors, lawn mowers, there’s nothing here that doesn’t have damage on it.”



Beast mode. In your fucking face you stupid tornado! In your face! How embarrassing for that tornado. Getting dunked on by a pup. Drake the dog just spitting right in the face of Mother Nature here. The Wizard of Oz come to life. Look at that grin on his face. Drake the dog looks like he just got finished eating a delicious treat. Not getting whipped 1,000 feet by a tornado. Swagger city. A broken leg and a damaged retina ain’t shit to Drake the dog. He’ll be back to bounding around in no time. It is pretty amazing that the tornado completely destroyed an entire house and Drake the dog comes away relatively unscathed. Talk about inconsistency from the tornado. People are always saying “Ohhhhhh global warming is gonna get all of us. Mother¬†Nature can wipe us off the face of the earth whenever she wants to blah blah blah” Well when we’ve got dogs besting a tornado, I think we’re gonna be just fine. Bring it, weather.

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