Does This Look Like The Face Of A Guy Who Looks Like Channing Tatum? Sports Ilustrated Thinks So




Sports Illustrated coming in HOT with by far the worst tweet of March Madness and maybe the worst tweet of all time. That tweet is so bad that I thought it was a reference to something that I simply didn’t understand. I stared at it and stared at it and stared at it. I was afraid to make fun of it at first cause I thought I’d get made fun of for not getting the joke. Then SI deleted the tweet and it was clear their social media intern was still drunk from yesterday’s Jameson shots and fired off a horrendous tweet. Just an all timer. That dude couldn’t look less like Channing Tatum. He actually looks the least like Channing Tatum than any person I’ve ever seen.


I mean this is Channing Tatum



Channing Tatum Hot

and this is the guy someone over at Sports Illustrated thinks looks like Channing Tatum



I would be shocked and appalled if I were Channing Tatum. I might even bring about legal action if I were him. He has a reputation to protect. He’s one of the best looking guys on the planet and he can’t have a place like Sports Illustrated slandering his good looks by comparing him to some who looks NOTHING like him.

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