Check Out These “Americans” Trying McDonalds For The First Time Ever

What the fuck is wrong with these people?  I was under the impression you couldn’t be a legal US citizen unless you crushed Big Macs on the regular.  To NEVER have it?  Not once?  I ‘m not even sure how that happens.  It’s one thing to choose to not eat McDonald’s as an adult because it’s absolutely horrible for you and you’re in control of what you put in your body.  At least that makes some sense (it doesn’t make any sense).  But how did they avoid it as a small child?  My parents were shoving Happy Meals down my throat way before I would’ve had the cognitive ability to decline.  I never would’ve because the haunting aroma of a meal from McDonald’s is simply too intoxicating but that’s beside the point..  Whenever my Mom didn’t want to make dinner we’d just swing through the drive through and eat like the richest of kings.  It was like a mini holiday.  I almost feel bad for these people.  Robbed of childhood that involved Happy Meals, toys, greasy hamburgers and pure joy.



weird face

Now THAT’S a face only a mother can love.  Did you see how fast he crushed that Big Mac?  No way that was the first time he’d ever had one. He just said yes to the people who asked him to do the video so he could get a free burger and fries.  I see you.


Fuck this bitch.  She clearly came in with an agenda.  She came in with her mind made up and nothing was going to change it.  Those Big Mac and fries could’ve given her the greatest and longest mouth orgasm of her life and she still would’ve said it sucked.  Calling the Big Mac “a disappointment” is the biggest slap in America’s face.  People like her suck.  Oh and you’re not winning any brownie points with normal people when one of the first things out of your mouth is “I’m a holistic health coach.”  Gross.  I don’t even know that that means and I want to throw up everywhere.

(She is pretty hot though and half of things she said were sexual so it’s all good I guess)


very nice


I have nothing mean spirited to say about this lady.  She seems sweet and was open minded about the whole thing.  Well done.  And yes, I would.

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