Bronson Arroyo Pitched What Was Probably His Last Game Ever On Sunday


It’s always a sad day when a player you grew up rooting for has to call it quits due to age or injury, but after being shelled for the third game in a row and falling to 3-6 on the season, Bronson Arroyo appears to be the latest guy to fall victim to Father Time.
Arroyo has always been known as a guy who keeps himself in phenomenal pitching shape throughout his career, but at 40 years of age having had Tommy John surgery in the not too recent past, no amount of hot yoga classes or throwing regimens can make up for a fastball that tops out at 80 mph on a good day.
In fact, Arroyo basically admitted he was finished after the game on Sunday, even going as far as saying his arm told him, “hey man, I’m not going to run this race for you anymore” and going on some sort of diatribe comparing said arm to his favorite shirt:

“It’s a tough situation trying to perform when you feel like you’re running uphill and into the wind all the time,” Arroyo said. “I was hoping my arm would continue to get better and better as the year has gone on. It’s almost like it’s telling me ‘Hey man, I’m not going to run this race for you anymore.’”

Arroyo said he didn’t know if he’d consider the disabled list or a bullpen role. It will all depend on his shoulder.

“I’ve been dealing with the same two arm issues for a while,” Arroyo said. “The elbow – Tommy John is like a chain out on a bicycle. It doesn’t matter how bad the chain is, if the rest of the bike is ok, you change out the chain and you continue to move forward.

“But a shoulder is more like your favorite shirt you’ve been wearing for the last 15 years and it’s been washed too many times. So it gets brittle, right? You have some tears in there and there’s really not a whole lot you can do about it. We’ve been doing the best we can with it by masking it with cortisone the entire season, including spring training. Right now, it’s not going to work anymore. I don’t know if we have any more options. We’ll see.”

That type of candid honesty is actually pretty indicative to who Arroyo is as a person as well as a player. The numbers and the success he’s had throughout his career obviously speak for themselves, but a big reason why Arroyo has always been so popular wherever he’s been is because of that no fucks given type of attitude. Whether that be winning a World Series ring sporting cornrows, a moonlight rock and roll career, or chilling on a yacht with two live in girlfriends at the same damn time, Arroyo’s care free demeanor has always been entertaining and refreshing in an old man sport that often lacks those types of personalities.
If this is the end for Arroyo, he’ll have finished his career with more wins than Cliff Lee (148), more seasons than Al Leiter (16), and a World Series to boot.
He pretty much came out at the beginning of the season and said that his goal was to pitch again in the Major Leagues after a two year layoff. Didn’t specify for how long or for how good he might be, but despite the 7.35 ERA and despite the fact he plays for a shitty team that was projected to lose around a hundred games, he was able to do just that which is pretty fucking cool if you ask me. It’d be awesome if my Redlegs could somehow find a way to keep him around and help mentor some of the young guys during the rebuilding phase, but Arroyo doesn’t exactly strike me as a guy whose content with sitting around the dugout giving signs. Instead, I’d imagine he’ll sail off into the sunset (literally) and go about living life on his own accord, just the way he always has.

Here’s to hoping we get that new Bronson Arroyo solo album coming Summer 2018



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