Zack Greinke Breaks His Collar Bone In Bench Clearing Donnybrook

First thing’s first lets all agree that this is not a “brawl.” Its a brewhaha or at the very best a donnybrook. After Greinke got trucked and tossed like a ragdoll its basically just a shouting match for like 4 straight minutes. The best part of the benches clearing in baseball are the guys running in from the bullpen. It takes them like 15 minutes to get to the action. And then there’s a second wave of them that come in again if there’s another uprising. Just so awkward.

Anyway, Zack Greinke is absolutely that guy who would break his collar bone. Remember there was always that kid in elementary school who broke his collar bone like twice a year. Dude was just permanently in a sling. Always fell out of a tree or collided with someone in gym glass and boom, broken bone. Thats such a Greinke move. He has anxiety issues. He’s always too nervous. And now he breaks his collar bone. What a pussy. At least get hit by a wave like a real man.

And yes, charging the mound on a full count in a one run game in the 6th is retarded.

PS – I’d love to hear Vin Scully do play by play of a World Star Hip Hop Video. That would be something special.

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