Yeah Yeah From The Sandlot Seems Like He’s Been Doing Well

Watch from 3:30-4:23

This year is the 20th Anniversary of the Sandlot, so I started digging around trying to see if I could get one of the guys from the cast to come on KFC Radio. Suffice it to say, Yeah Yeah isn’t my number 1 choice anymore. I mean I’m not ruling him out. But I think it might be best to leave the roid monkey juiceheads alone. Ideally I’d like Benny the Jet or Squints or Porter but if Yeah Yeah wants to come on he’s more than welcome too. Him and Big Cat can talk about how much they left because clearly that is the only thing Yeah Yeah has done with his life after The Sandlot.

Shoulda known something was suspect with Yeah Yeah after he was making fun of Squints for creepin on Wendy Peffercorn.

PS – “I’ve been on TMZ 10 times” is the hardo statement of the century.

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